How a Spider Bite Changed the Course of My Life.

So you know that saying, "We can do this the hard way or we can do this the easy way."? Yeah, I've always been just stubborn enough that I end up taking the hard path. My wellness journey is no exception. I couldn't just find those that had walked the same path as me and follow them, I had to hit my "health rock bottom" and work my way up from there. I hope that my journey will keep you from falling face first down the same path.

If you read my last blog post, I shared how years on antibiotics had left me sitting in my doctor's office pondering how my immune system had been completely wiped out. For most people, being told they had no immune system left would be a wake up call to start making some changes. Not me. Remember, I like to do things the hard way. I was still drink diet sodas every day and wondering why I had persistent migraines. I was still eating processed and packaged foods and couldn't figure out why every joint in my body ached. I had no idea how every single thing I put in my body was contributing to my declining health. Then I got a spider bite on my hand and the entire course of my life changed.

OK, I know that sounds super dramatic but seriously, that spider bite was the beginning of the journey that led us here to me writing this blog. What I thought was a spider bite became infected and horribly painful and swollen. After the swelling and pain had stuck around for several days I felt the need to see a doctor. Any guesses on the treatment? Yep, you guessed it, antibiotics. This was the first in a series of this type of infection of the course of a year. These spots popped up in my armpit, on my eyelid, in my groin, and on my face. Each one more painful than the last. Every time another antibiotic, but never advice on how to stop the infections. Never once during this time was the word staph used. Now, after hours and hours of research I know that's exactly what it was.

The final infection, my "medical rock bottom" was on the back of my leg. It started just like the others, almost like a bug bite but after a few days it was red, swollen, and felt feverish. I knew the routine by now. Make an appointment, see the doctor, get an antibiotic, painful sore gone in a few days. Only this time, it wasn't gone in a few days, it was worse and my thigh was swollen. It was decided a stronger antibiotic was needed. I started the stronger meds with assurances that this one would clear it up. Seven days and two antibiotics in my leg was swollen to twice it's size. I won't go in to the gory details but to say this is nothing I would wish on anyone.

Another trip to the doctor confirmed that he was going to have to drain the infection. At this visit he used the term MRSA. I went cold. I didn't know much about MRSA at the time but what I did know its that it was horribly painful, it can attack any part of your body, and that it can kill you. That my friends was how a spider bite changed the trajectory of my life. It was the eye opener I needed. I decided in that moment that I was not going to live life being unhealthy and in pain. That was the beginning of my wellness journey that I'm still on today.

If you have stuck with me this far, and you stumbled across this page in your quest for trying to heal yourself, know you are not alone. I sat late at night when I couldn't sleep looking for answers and feeling so much relief knowing I wasn't alone in this journey. I hope that no matter where you are in your wellness journey, I can help you find the answers you need. Just know that you are seen.

In my next blog I will share with you how I learned to heal my immune system, how I beat MRSA, and how I am still learning about not just health but wellness and what that means to me.

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