How I Saved Myself From Drowning

Last July my company had massive layoffs, as did many companies in 2020. I was one of the lucky ones that was spared, with my position being cut from 12 people down to four. I have been so thankful to have continued employment, but this downsizing meant massive changes for me, both in my job function and my personal life.

I work for an airline so we operate 24/7. I'm in my 16th year with the airline and I was lucky enough for about 13 of those years to have a corporate 9-5 job with them. Two years ago, I was given the choice to move to another state or go back to airport life. My family is always my priority and at the time moving wasn't the right choice for my family. It all worked out ok because I was still able to be home in the evenings, and I was able to interact with lots of people, so I was still finding joy in my work. All was well in my world until 2020 happened and the world shut down. As with most of us, that year changed everything for me. Being in the travel industry, massive changes were happening quickly. I was so lucky to make it through a time when many didn't, but the cutbacks brought about massive changes for my life. Not only did my role in my job change but my schedule changed as well. Overnight, I was sitting behind a desk 40 hours a week, and working a night shift. Again let me state, I was thankful to have a job and my health. I know that for many 2020 held so many more heartaches and troubles than I faced.

Anyone that knows me knows a few things. First, my family is my world. Working a night shift means I'm not at home in the evenings with them. Second, teaching and helping others has always brought me great joy in my professional life. I've always said being a teacher isn't what I do, it's who I am. So, here I was in late 2020 doing a job that didn't allow me to be with my family in the evenings and didn't bring me any sense of purpose or fulfillment professionally. Without realizing it, I slowly started feeling like I was drowning. I felt myself slipping into a depression but couldn't stop it. I started crying every time I had to go to work, lashing out at my family and just all around not being a very pleasant person to anyone in my life.

My wonderful husband saw me slipping and tried his best to help me find a way out, but one thing I have learned over the years is that until you are ready to be helped nobody can help you. Frankly, I was not ready to stop wallowing in my misery just yet. I haven't ever been one to wallow for very long, and after a couple of months I decided it was time to find joy and passion in my professional life again. I didn't know what that meant, but I knew I had to figure it out.

In February of 2021, I started getting up every morning and taking a long walk. Step one, when you are drowning emotionally, start moving your body. Even though you just want to hide under the covers, moving your body helps to shift your mindset. While I was taking my walks I was also doing some serious soul searching. I remember late in 2020 having a conversation with one of my closest friends and telling her, I need to find something that I'm passionate about but I don't know what that is anymore. Her response was , you love teaching and you are passionate about getting healthy. It didn't click with me in that moment but she had planted the seed for my next step.

During those walks I had started forcing myself to take and during the soul searching I realized is that my passion had become getting myself and my family well and learning how to do that using food, Then I had my lightbulb moment. My passion has always been teaching. My new passion was getting well, being healthy , using food as medicine , and eliminating toxins from my environment as much as possible. That was it, my true desire was to help others learn what I had learned, to help others learn to get well just like I had done. Now, how to do that?

I suddenly had a new purpose, something I realized I had been missing professionally in the last two years, now I had to figure out how to make that into a career. I started doing lots of googling and searching and discovered a whole profession called health coaching. That was a start but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Yes, I want to help people understand how healthy eating and eliminating processed foods and sugars from their diet can improve their overall health but I wanted to do so much more. I wanted to learn how to help people find the root cause of their symptoms and help them heal. I started looking at different programs. Grad school and $30,000 wasn't the right option for me. Traditional health coaching was basically becoming a weight loss coach. That wasn't quite right either.

I knew what I wanted but I didn't quite know how to search for it. Then I came across the terms functional medicine and integrative health. That was what I had been looking for! The floodgates had opened and suddenly there were a multitude of programs I could apply for and tons of people I was suddenly finding on Instagram that were sharing the message I wanted to share. I had found "my people ". I began researching and having calls with different programs. I thought I had settled on a program. I had one last call scheduled before I decided on a certification that was right for me. That last call changed everything for me.

In early March I scheduled a call for a program called Integrative Health Practitioner. It was a quick 15 minute call to answer any questions I had about the program. At the end of that call I felt an excitement I haven't felt in a long time. For the first time in several years, I got excited about the work I could do. I could feel in my bones that this certification could help me to help others and give my professional life purpose again. I was a little nervous to share my excitement with my husband, worried that he wouldn't understand or want to make the financial commitment. Thankfully, those worries were unwarranted and he encouraged me to pull the trigger and sign up.

As I am writing this , 12 weeks have passed since I pulled that trigger . Today, I completed level 1 of the Integrative Health Practitioner program. In the past 12 weeks I have gone through almost 60 hours of lecture, reading the 400+ pages of the text that goes with the program, (along with a few other books), and passed 8 quizzes. In addition, I have listened to podcasts related to what I plan to do while driving, while working out, while doing housework, while showering, basically non-stop for the last 12 weeks. I have not turned on a tv during that time, I have sacrificed sleep, and I have continued to work full time. I found my new passion and I pursued it with vigor.

In the last 12 weeks Better Health By Beth was born. I thank all of you that have read every blog and have supported me on social media. I felt that I had a story to tell and I wanted to share my personal journey to wellness while I was working on this certification. I can't wait to continue to share this journey with you and to hopefully help you find your path to wellness as well.

In the next few weeks I will be polishing up my website and will be offering my services. My focus will be on helping people who need help with their immune system and overall wellness. If you have digestive issues, aches and pains that are unexplained or chronic infections, let's talk! I have been there and I want to help you. Until I'm accepting clients, you can e-mail me at or follow me in Instagram at betterhealthbybeth.

I'm still at my job, obviously I have to pay the bills but I am so excited to be taking this next step on my personal journey to wellness. There is no longer that feeling of hopelessness or drowning but instead excitement about what the future holds. I will continue my training with the second level of certification. I hope to finish level two by the end of the summer. At that time I will be qualified to help you select at home lab tests based on your specific symptoms. Once those labs come back I will be able to help you interpret them and understand exactly how to fix the issues you may have. I will be able to help with thyroid, hormones, bacteria and yeast overgrowth, parasites, supplement deficiencies and a whole host of other issues.

My hope is that we can build a community of support where wellness is the norm and all the aches and pains that we are told are a part of getting older are a distant memory. Thanks so much for your support and being a part of the betterhealthbybeth community.

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